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You have come a long way in spiritual growth.

You also know that much more is possible. I don't need to write down a list of negative attitudes and behaviors for you here. You know very well where the shoe pinches. You want to follow your soul desire and you don't seem to be doing a great job. Despite all the knowledge you have gained, you see yourself acting from old patterns.

Do you really want to grow in your spiritual journey.

Discover where unprecedented opportunities lie for you?

Being confronted, not for sake of confronting,

but so you can grow?

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Then you've come to the right place.

It is NOW time to:
✔ Fully put into practice what you came here for
✔ Full speed ahead
✔ Take yourself seriously
✔ Let Divine be captain on your ship
✔ Relax and live in abundance
✔ Enjoying being on earth

Feel free to take a look behind the four areas below to discover how I can assist you.
Voice sounds open the way to soul contact.
From a word, a color and your name, I connect with Divine and you and sing to you twice for 12 minutes. After being in the silence for fifteen minutes, you leave without words.
'Exposing your soul' combines Song4YourSoul with taroscope and self-examination so that you really get to know yourself and take steps in transformation.
I also make an Song4YourSoul every week for world consciousness.

Divinefulness is living fully in deep and direct contact with Divine. In the annual training 'the Pilgrimage to source' you learn to live Divinefulness.

What Divinefulness entails can be found in the book with the same title, holding 57 simple exercises, which was written as a result of this annual training.

Get to know yourself through a combination of Tarot and numerology

This system, developed by me, gives you insight into your qualities, what makes you happiest, what your biggest growing point is and how your interaction with the outside world is.

You can create your own taroscope page for free

In a small group of up to six people, you'll examine yourself on a deep level:

Here's how you can
• Discover your mission and start living
• Really start loving yourself dearly
• Healing yourself and the world

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